Martin Wegelius: Collected works for voice and piano

Martin Wegelius: Collected works for voice and piano

Martin Wegelius: Collected works for voice and piano

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This sheet music collection include complete works for voice with piano accompaniment of Martin Wegelius (1846-1906). 

Martin Wegelius was a Finnish composer and musicologist, primarily remembered as the founder, in 1882, of the Helsinki Music Institute, now known as the Sibelius Academy.

Wegelius studied in Leipzig, Vienna and Munich. He had intended to pursue a career as a composer, and wrote handful of orchestral works and a significant number of chamber and vocal works. He was a particular admirer of Wagner but wrote predominantly in the Romantic style. After founding the Institute he had little time for composing, and appears to have concentrated exclusively on teaching. The most famous graduate of Wegelius' Institute was Jean Sibelius

This edition include the songs in their original keys.


  • Voice/piano : Album, 29 songs and folk song arrangements
  • ISMN 979-0-55011-260-5
  • Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
  • Editor: Tuomas Lehtinen
  • Print year:
  • Format: Paperback / Softback
  • Language: Multiple languages, Finnish, Swedish and German
  • Lenght: 61 pages
  • Product subject: Vocal works
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Works for voice with piano accompaniment composed by Martin Wegelius (1846-1906):

  1. Irrskenet på heden
  2. Jag har dig kär
  3. Karin Månsdotters vaggvisa
  4. Nimmer will ich dich verlieren
  5. Saga vid spiseln
  6. Spinnvisa
  7. Traum der eig'nen Tage
  8. Trubaduren
  9. Vallflickan
  10. Vid midnatt
  11. Finska rytteriets marsch (arr.)
  12. Hör du, Becki' båtsman (arr.)
  13. Jag borde inte sjunga (arr.)
  14. Jungfru Maja (arr.)
  15. Kreivin sylissä istunut (arr.)
  16. Kultani kukkuu (arr.)
  17. Kultaselle (arr.)
  18. Miksi laulat lintuseni (arr.)
  19. Onneton nuorukainen (arr.)
  20. Ringdans (arr.)
  21. Soldatvisa (arr.)
  22. Suomen salossa (arr.)
  23. Tuoll' on mun kultani (arr.)
  24. Vallkulla (arr.)
  25. Österbottnisk folkvisa (arr.)
  26. Minä olen laulajapoika
  27. Rannalla istuja
  28. Suomen salossa
  29. Ungmön i lunden
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