Secured connection covering the whole webstore

Bells Publishing Oy (Ltd) acquired a QuickSSL® Premium Wildcard certificate for its whole webstore, for the main domain and for all the subdomains.

A secured connection (SSL) has covered only the Finnish webstore of Bells Publishing Oy (Ltd) so far. Now on the protection covers the whole webstore and its all language variants, which we believe to improve the customer experience and website security.

SSL encrypts the contents that are transmitted between the computer and the web page server and facilitates the authentication of a website. When sending confidential information, such as credit card details, on the internet, it is always best to use an SSL encrypted connection.

QuickSSL® Premium Wildcard

You can recognise a secure website by the lock icon next to the browser address bar and the letters "https" (as opposed to "http") at the beginning of a web address.

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