Armas Järnefelt: Solo Songs

Armas Järnefelt: Solo Songs

Armas Järnefelt: Solo Songs

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The collection of the main solo songs by Armas Järnefelt was accelerated by a donation made by his son, Arvi, in Stockholm to the University of Helsinki: dozens of previously unpublished manuscripts thus found their way home to Finland. Sweden was father Järnefelt's second home, since he spent a couple of decades as conductor of the Royal Opera in Stockholm. He concentrated almost exclusively on solo songs, the reason no doubt being that his father-in-law was Jean Sibelius, a master of large-scale form. Järnefelt's vocal lyrics spring from the National-Romantic ethos nurtured on the archaic rune-singing of the national epic, the Kalevala, and the distant lands of Karelia.

The folk-like elements of his youthful songs were in time joined by Impressionistic and in places even Expressionistic timbres.


  • Voice/piano : Album, 24 songs
  • ISMN M-042-08585-1
  • Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
  • Editor: Matti Tuloisela
  • Print year:
  • Format: Paperback / Softback
  • Language: Multiple languages, Multiple languages, Swedish, German, Finnish
  • Lenght: 93 pages
  • Product subject: Vocal works
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Works for voice with piano accompaniment composed by Armas Järnefelt (1868-1958):

  1. Aallon kehtolaulu / Vågens vaggsång / Der Welle Wiegenlied
  2. Am stillen Dorfe erhebt sich
  3. Berceuse / Kehtolaulu
  4. En spel- och dansvisa
  5. Hämärä / Skymning / Dämmerung
  6. I solnedgången / Im Sonnenuntergang
  7. Isänmaan kasvot
  8. Kanteleelle
  9. Kehtolaulu ('Liekku liiku') / Vaggsång
  10. Kehtolaulu ('Hiljaa, hiljaa') / Vaggsång
  11. Laula, laula!
  12. Leivo / Lärkan
  13. Liina / Lina / Line
  14. Milloin muistelet minua? / Säg, när minnes du mig? / Sag', gedenkst Du meiner?
  15. När alla klockor klämtat tolf / Wenn alle Uhren zwölf geschlagen
  16. Sinä / Du
  17. Solsken / Sonnenschein
  18. Sunnuntaina / Söndag
  19. Suvirannalla / Sommarnatt på stranden
  20. Titania
  21. Toivoni / Önskan
  22. Uneksijan laulu elämälle / En drömmarens sång till livet / Eines Träumers Sang an das Leben
  23. Unelma / Dröm
  24. Viel' ois virttä tieossani / Än en visa vill jag sjunga
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